Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews

Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews


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The Sound of Lyric

Hearing aids – they’re those chunky things that smother your whole ear and give you all manner of hassle with feedback, right? Wrong. Invisible, comfortable and reliable, Lyric Hearing Aids are revolutionizing the way we treat hearing loss.

You’ve probably all heard a little of the buzz about this new device, you might have seen it featured in the magazine Popular Science, discussed on the Today Show and mentioned in various blog reviews, but I imagine ‘the buzz’ is all you’ve heard. While there are hundreds of Lyric hearing aid reviews out there you won’t find many that take a neutral standing or are completely honest. In other words, no one will tell you about the bad points. It seems about time we changed that.

Let’s not dive right in on a negative though, let’s take a look at what everyone else has been saying first.

Lyric CAN

Lyric CAN – positive, enthusiastic and simple. Also, the first two words that greet you as you enter the Lyric Hearing website. Some of you might think they’re overreaching with their slogan but with what they go on to claim it seems possible they’re actually underselling themselves.

Wear 24/7, showering, exercising and sleeping. No, you didn’t just read the advert for a new watch, you can in-fact do all those things while wearing Lyric. And the greatest thing about it, the thing that really sets it apart from every other hearing aid on the market? It’s 100% invisible! Unlike your average digital hearing aid, Lyric sits in your ear canal, hiding it away from view, making it not only comfortable to wear but practical seeing as it eliminates the possibility of it falling out and will not be aggravated by day to day activities.

As it’s set so deep within the ear canal, noise hits the Lyric in a way that means it can deliver you the most natural sounds possible. The setting of the Lyric also gives you the ability to use a telephone or wear headphones with little or no feedback.

How is it possible?

All these great factors Lyric offers come from one simple fact – the setting of the device. The minute the hearing aid is placed right inside your ear canal, just 4mm from your eardrum. Unless you choose to tell someone, the reason behind your improved hearing could be your little secret. No one would be able to see the device even if they tried. It’s nothing like the old analog devices of the past that your 80 your old audiologist would recommend.

The setting of the Lyric gives you more than just invisibility. Seeing as it’s set within the ear and not balancing on the ear rim, wearers are free to carry out everyday tasks without being constantly plagued by having to take the hearing aid off and on, potentially rendering them near deaf when they do so. Want to go to a Zumba class? Jump in! Fancy a long, steamy shower? Feel free! With Lyric, you can do all this and more.

I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds great but I’ve left out one key factor – batteries. The average hearing aid needs its batteries changed on a weekly basis, inconvenient by anyone’s standards. With Lyric batteries only need changed roughly once ever four months. You only need to remove Lyric when the batteries die, making it the only hearing aid without the need for daily insertion and removal. How’s that for practical?

How do I get one?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and try out this new device, getting one fitted is relatively simple. Via telephone you can arrange an initial assessment with your audiologist where you will visit a hearing professional who will determine if this is really the solution for you. If it is they will evaluate your hearing needs with a simple hearing test, then the Lyric will be fitted inside your ear canal and programmed. You will be given information on how to program it yourself and remove it if necessary. Unless you have any issues, the next time you see your specialist will be in four months time when your battery dies and you need a new one inserted.


Lyric Hearing Aid Cost

Unlike normal hearing aids where you buy one at a time, Lyric is purchased annually. Prices can vary from $2900 – $3600 which may seem steep but covers fittings, consultations, the newest device available every time your battery dies and as many changes you need per year. Other devices on the market can be bought for considerably less and some can last for 5-10 years if looked after, but you have to bear in mind your quality of living. Since the batteries are never changed (the device is completely replaced instead) this drives up the individual prices and overall cost associated with ownership of one of these aids.


Despite all this Lyric isn’t quite perfect. While not having to change the batteries weekly may seem a dream, Lyric leaves you stuck if the batteries die mid important event. Removing it yourself is easy but this leaves users with only their previous sub-standard hearing to work with until they can visit the specialist again.

Visiting the specialist may not seem too hard, but Lyric offices are often few and far between. Reports have been made of people driving up to 150 miles to have their hearing aid changed.

Despite being told you can shower with Lyric, an ear cap is provided for doing so – a device which in itself isn’t all too reliable. Complaints have been made about them falling out, soaking the Lyric and diminishing it’s life, resulting in more trips to the consultant. On the subject of water, swimming is not recommended so the water babies out there will have to stay home.

Lastly, is Lyric’s invisibility really a good thing? Sure, being invisible looks better, but on those odd days when it isn’t performing perfectly and your having issues with feedback (and there will undoubtedly be those days) how will anyone know to allow for that and not just assume you’re being rude?

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the price. While there are many good, some amazing, points to Lyric there are of course the bad ones to balance them out. You can find more information at